Nicoleen, a consultant at Terblanche Slabber Pieters Incorporated, is tireless in her pursuit for satisfactory results for her clients in various fields of civil litigation.

She received her BA LL.B degree from Stellenbosch University in 2011, after which she commenced her articles. In 2014, she was appointed as a professional assistant at Terblanche Slabber Pieters Incorporated. From the beginning of her professional career, she found her calling in the litigation department. Nicoleen possesses a keen mind and exceptional work ethic, which has made her an invaluable part of the team.

Nicoleen employs her personal and academic skills to the full advantage of her clients, while at the same time spending a considerable amount of time in training staff and creating a friendly working environment in the workplace. Her sense of fairness, people skills and sophisticated sense of humour has aided her success in dealing with challenges, staff and clients.