Jean is a director and head of the litigation department at the firm. He specialises in general commercial litigation and also possesses further diplomas in insolvency practice and business restructuring. He is passionate about family law, especially the protection of children, in both matrimonial disputes and in general.

Jean’s approach to litigation is to create a safe and friendly environment for clients in legal distress, while endeavouring to find practical and satisfactory solutions to disputes, but at the same time to make the courts more accessible for the average person with their competitive fee structure.

Jean approaches each case with the same commitment and attention to detail to serve the needs of every client regardless of their social standing or financial means. It is also important to Jean that people of all walks of life should have equal access to the law and courts. As a result, Jean has acted as a commissioner in the local small claims court for the past 19 years and does extensive pro bono work for disadvantaged individuals.