Cobus, who was a public prosecutor before he became an attorney, is a director at the firm and has 25 years’ experience, of which 20 years as a partner/director. He is a specialist conveyancing attorney, estate administrator and drafter of wills, trusts and family plans.

Cobus believes that his role as an attorney is to find legal and practical solutions for his clients’ problems and to help them structure their affairs, whether business, family or personal, in such a manner that they can rest assured at night, focus on their profession or core business if they are economically active, or enjoy their retirement, without worrying about issues that may impact their lives negatively.

Cobus is a community orientated person. He was chairman for five years on the board of trustees of a local primary school, a trustee for another primary school and still serves as chairman (seven years) of the board of trustees of the Darling Trust, and lately also the Swartland Solar Community Trust, which serves the neighbouring Darling community. He claims that one of the firm’s successes is their partnership with a renewable energy project, which resulted in a substantial interest in the projest, funded by the IDC, for the community. He also serves on the boards of the companies in the project on behalf of the community.