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Working for us
We care about our staff. This simple statement is what drives us to make sure that we are and remain the employer of choice for our staff. Why do we care? Because to be the best you must employ the best.

We value a robust work ethic, merit, initiative and loyalty to the firm and our colleagues. In return, we make sure that our staff work in the best conditions, are remunerated well, are recognised for their performance, and have opportunities to develop. We also make sure that there is enough time to socialise, have fun, get involved in community or sporting activities and build the Terblanche Slabber Pieters Incorporated team spirit!

To help everyone work in the right direction and towards the same goals, we have strong management structures in place, both at firm and practice group level, with line managers to help supervise staff, provide feedback and direct the work traffic. Although seniority is important to us, we actually have a flat structure with an open approach to sharing information, asking advice or generally helping colleagues. For us, it’s about working as a team and making sure our clients are happy and receive the best service.

That’s why we only employ the best and invest heavily in making them even better. So, if you have made it through the door to become a member of our family, you are good enough – and together we will help make you great!